About Us

Our Address

8311 Grubb Rd.
SilverSpring, MD 20910
Ph: 301-587-5800

Hours of Operation

Sunday 11am – 5pm
Monday – 10am – 6pm
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 11am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 8pm

The Emerald Door is an eco-friendly natural spa offering skin therapy, nail therapy and waxing, tweezing and tinting. As a prelude to every service, the Emerald Door therapists provide personalized consultation to ensure that your treatment suits your beauty and wellness requirements.

We offer a spa experience that goes beyond exceptional treatment, fresh organic products and a gleaming futuristic interior. Step through our door and you’ll notice immediately that we are doing something different. Relax amid dream-inducing essential oils and soothing natural sounds while our eco-savvy therapists blend delectable natural ingredients like farm fresh yogurt, local honey, and organic lavender to create a truly unique experience. The Emerald Door is an eco-chic spa offering more than just pretty faces, fingers, and toes -”it creates a portal to a brave new world of sustainable wellness-centered beauty. An environment that you will hopefully consider to be your retreat from the daily grind and a place to refresh and renew.

Join us. We look forward to seeing you!

Step through The Emerald Door into a world where beauty, wellness, luxury, and green living coexist to provide a unique spa experience. Enjoy our comfortable environment crafted from green materials while being pampered with high quality toxin-free products. All services are provided by licensed advanced nail technicians who evaluate your hands and feet to address your unique needs with custom therapies. We promote a lifestyle of sustainable living providing opportunities to take care of the planet and your neighbor while you pamper yourself.

In an effort to be “green” (eco-conscious), we surveyed the market and through careful site planning, equipment selection and environmentally friendly interior choices we designed a relaxing atmosphere where clients can expect excellent service, pampering and superior cleanliness, respecting human kind and Mother Earth—no harm to clients, employees or the earth. In addition to the environmentally conscious practice of reducing, reusing, recycling, we installed eco-friendly attributes–from our LEED-certified flooring materials, water saving toilet and faucets, energy efficient lighting, insulation, new energy saving HVAC, and low to no VOC paint. Materials, finishes, and products were selected for their non-toxic, rapidly renewable or post-consumer recycled attributes.

Sustainable Living:

We use recycled packaging, paper, even our website host – Fat Cow, a 100% wind powered server company. The primary goal is to protect the health of our clients, employees and the planet. Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond the design of the space as we make a conscious effort to use toxin-free products made with wholesome natural ingredients. We source locally when possible and form coalitions with other “green” businesses in the area.


Enjoy our comfortable environment crafted from green materials while being pampered with high quality toxin-free products. All services are provided by licensed nail technicians and estheticians who evaluate and address your unique needs with custom therapies. We are committed to providing clients with safe, wellness focused services and hospital grade hygiene. For your safety, all of our implements are either discarded after a single use or sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave. To further protect you against residual bacteria, our pedicure basins are sterilized after each use. We sterilize all metal implements in the same high temperature AUTOCLAVE hospitals and dentist offices use. Autoclaves use pressure to raise the boiling point of water to a temperature that kills bacteria, fungi, and salon-borne infections.